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Customer Reviews
I ordered my Debian 7.5 Live Disc and in less than a few days I received my wonderfully packed and professionally labeled CD. I will definitely be purchasing more, and frequently! Pleasantly surprised! Cheers! -- Jeremy

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Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews we've received from our customers. Write your own review and let everyone know what you think about OSDisc.com!

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Written by: Shopper
i placed my order on the 14th and received it on the 17th
i would order from them again

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: mariano_vs
I would like to specially thank to Ramsey Brenner. The customer service and support he provides is amazing, he answers the emails practically inmediatelly, even on weekends. THAT is to care about what you do. Once again, thanks a lot, Ramsey!
Written by: BrianG
Great. No Problems

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: rich01_us
I'd rate the overall experience as excellent.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: George D
I cannot fault OSDisc.com, unlike the UK postal service, it took 24 days to get my order!!!. Held up in customs!!!, the UK postal service told me when I telephoned them at 22 days that they could find no record of my order!!!, and I should consider it "Lost". Anyway, big thanks Ramsey, got it in the end. Keep up the good work you do for us all.
Written by: MarcusC
I had no problems with this merchant.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Mark
So, I'd first ordered the Fedora 15 OSDisc DVD, but the disc was somehow corrupted and useless. I emailed support and asked for a discount on the Fedora 14 2011 "Bible" reference book I really wanted anyway, which includes a DVD and LiveCD, and I wasn't asked to send the bad disc back or prove anything. I really should have ordered the Bible in the first place, since I've relied on the Fedora Core 4 Bible for years, Red Hat 6.2 directly from RH before that - in my experience, Red Hat and Apple are just the way to go. The discount for the corrupted disc was an automatic link sent to me for the shopping cart. Aside from having to wait a few extra days to get the book and do the install, the bad disc was actually a silver lining, and the way Ramsey handled it was unique and straightforward. OSDisc is now on my short list of trusted internet sellers. Thanks Ramsey!
Written by: Shopper
Excellent variety of distributions and choice of media, great prices, immediate shipping.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: jer

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: RandyB
Fast and simple. What more could you ask?

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: vassakara

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Irieplanet

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: PhilR

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Nityānandi
The support on a very stubborn difficulty using a perfect set of discs (Ubuntu 10.10 Software Library) was ASTONISHING, God alone knows how long Ramsey Brenner spent, but he came through so many convolutions, and then adamantly refused donations, to my deep dismay.
Written by: Shopper

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
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