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Customer Reviews
I have bought Linux discs a number of times over the last few years, from OSDisc.com and others. I keep coming back to OSDisc.com because of their great service and selection. The quality of the discs is also much better I've noticed... -- GW

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Customer Reviews

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Written by: Clint F.
Just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that you saved the day for me. I ordered a Fedora install DVD along with the respective repository discs a few days ago, and am already set up and running along well. My old "provider" would have charged twice as much for just the repositories, and would have taken a week just to ship! (Not to mention they don't even always make repository DVDs available, even for major distributions like Fedora).

I really was worried I wouldn't be able to make my project work out, but you guys came through and got me what I needed, and in record time. Wednesday I hit "buy", and Saturday night I had Fedora and its repositories installed on my home server. All I can say is that I'm impressed, and I'll be doing more business with you from this point onward.

Thank you so much
Written by: Gavin
Excellent experience!

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: mikeb

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Laverne
Mandrive will not install. I think the problem lies with mandriva and not osdisc

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: S. R.
I wanted to thank you for the service that you provide. We have a system used for R&D which is kept offline. Being able to purchase a repository for offline installation allowed me save time and resources while implementing the project the way it was intended.

I have used your service twice thus far. Both times resulted in flawless discs and receipt in a timely manner. I am a very pleased customer.
Written by: Mark
Thanks very much for such excellent service- I really appreciate it. Everything arrive and loaded just fine. I have already recommended you to others and will definitely be using you again.
Written by: unixthetextbook
There needs to be more information posted with the USB flash drive versions available, that tells you exactly what you're getting with the 4,8,16,32 GB drives they're sending you. Like are they install only, install /live, live with or without persistence. I was uncertain as to what to order, an FAQ that was articulate and complete, telling you what in general the USB drives are capable of would be a great help. I realize the people working here are probably pretty busy( they provide an excellent service!), but I could not get in touch with them before I ordered to find out about the flash drives configuration in general, even after sending 3 emails over the course of several days.
Written by: ChrisH
My first order was fast and flawless. Thanks so much.
Written by: James from OZ
I can also say osdisc is fast & efficient, but that's nuthin compared to Ramsey - he's prompt, polite and gives advice generously; especially as i'm only nine months old in this fantasic world of linux & open source. Thanks Mate.
Written by: Joe
My experience with OSDisc has been superb. Ramsey Brenner has no equal!!!! Thanks again. Joe
Written by: Michael H.
You guys are awesome! Your prices are very reasonable. My order came right away and the disc worked great. Everyone should buy from you!
Written by: Bob
Just a quick note. I have received several independent orders from your fine company PERFECTLY. As I build my Linux repository, I shall be using your fine company in the future without any further need to shop or compare.

Of course, I could download ALL the stuff I want for free. But, you have added a tremendous method for storage that keeps my time more focused on the work I perform as opposed to experiencing all the shenanigans that happens when transferring files on to a DVD myself.

You run a professional organization that I can trust.
Written by: Herbert
Disc arrived broken and they sent out a replacement with no problems.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: mikeb

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: ''army-bones''

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
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