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Customer Reviews
This was my second order of software from your company. Once again, my order was sent in record time.

I wish all companies would be as prompt as you.. Thank you once more. -- HAL

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Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews we've received from our customers. Write your own review and let everyone know what you think about OSDisc.com!

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Written by: Theodore S.
Product was excellent but delivery was sloooooooooooooooooooow.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Lois H.
The orders are all delivered quickly and love the product selections.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Cody M.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Michael P.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Joseph Y.
Excellent service delivery and I look forward to shopping at OSDisc.com again and again.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Robert
I was very pleased with the disc I received from you guys, I will continue to purchase discs from you. Keep up the good work.

Thank you
Written by: Robert B.
Very prompt service and reasonable shipping fees

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Muldarfbi
I love this site, I have been buying software from for a long time now, keep up the lovely work guys! I have had a little problem with the OS pertaining to the update Disc. I can never get the updates from the numerous DVD's that I buy with the OS. Thanks, Muldarfbi...
Written by: TALLYBABA
Written by: JohnK.
Ordered on Monday arrived on Thursday. My first order. Nice. I will order again. Thanks.
Written by: Simonelli D.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: gert
ubuntu disk worked great first time out. been having a terrible time with Windows. Made a decision to change OS. Glad I found you and so glad I'm free of Windows. thanks, Gert Rathbun, Wellsburg, NY
Written by: Timothy
I purchased the Fedora 17 disk. Installation went well, and I was able to access the system. But when I logged out and tried to log back in the system would not accept my password. I tried the installation 3 times with the same result.
Written by: Ross in Denton, TX
It came quickly, as always. Black Flag Anarchist BLAG 140000 comes with a whiff of anarchism, KPPP, Abiword, and looks like diminutive Fedora. Hard to find my way around the removable media and disk partitions. Also, it seems to run live, which beats having to install to explore. Sorry but I am a retard dialup adherent of Puppy 4.1.2, which loads quickly and doesn't bother me for passwords, although its Abiword has a little quirk about indents. Puppy seems unique in that it will install or run live, or partially install by having its big files stashed somewhere, then finding them on bootup! I use Fedora 10 only for its Open Office 3, and I have XP in my first HD partition for my OCR scanner and for some poor cameras that I use that I don't have Linux for. I don't want to steal from Bill Gates and I don't want to be dependent on him, either!
Written by: Crispin T.
I just wanted you to know, that I have received the items on 17 August 2012, 1400 hrs ( Manila Time).

I am a customer of Osdisc since I was employed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am retired now and spend much of my time playing with Linux. Linux is very useful in my small business in Philippines.

I was using extensively a Debian Sarge for servers when I was assigned to support 100 Windows users in Riyad Bank, Jeddah.

I am fascinated with many positive comments on Ubuntu 12.04, I am setting up a new machine to test Ubuntu.

I was very much worried that these order will not arrive, considering that there is rampant pilferage of foreign mails in the local post office in the Philippines.

Thank You for your prompt attention and secured delivery of my order.
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