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Customer Reviews
Very high quality product, easy order procedure, excellent email notifications and timely delivery. Could not ask for more. sets a high standard for performing as advertised. Based on the great service I received on my first order, I just placed my second, of what will be several more orders. -- Archer

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Customer Reviews

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Written by: Kristoffer S

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: donald
Will buy from again. Only problem is when I called the phone number to talk to customer service to check my order, the number answers music plays then disconnect. Over and over, they did respond to my email and the product works just fine.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Catsmiles
The really amazing thing is thatyou continue doing a great job and not implementing any changes just for change sake.Purchased discs from you for years now and will continue to do so.
Written by: Blu E

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Raleigh S
I like because it was quick to acknowledge my order and quick to ship within a few days time. My order arrived complete and in good condition. I also like that this company issued a tracking number for the shipment which was active and documented acceptance by the US Postal Service after midnight but within a few hours of my receiving the tracking number. I have high confidence in this merchant due to its due diligence and attention to my order. I also may continue to use this merchant because I like its software selections and prices.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Joe
There is another version of Ubuntn nam ed UE for Untimate Edition 3.2 I think you should search and reproduce it, I think it is better that the last version of Unbuntu 4.10

Beregards Joe
Written by: Raleigh S
I liked the rapid email notifications upon shipment. These notifications indicated that they were working on my order and its delivery into the evening and the shipment tracking number quickly revealed the acceptment of my shipment by the US Postal Service within hours of their notification. The software media arrived complete and in good condition. I am very impressed with this store's availability and immediate responses to my concerns as well as its professional and rapid handling of my order.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Timothy R.
A great service!

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Ivan B.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: AngryGrunt
Awesome place for distro live discs. Great prices and prompt services you guys have saved me money from goin over my monthly bandwidth with my order of Ubuntu Precise. Will soon look into orderin 12.10 soon.
Written by: William D.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Max
My fedora 17 disc came as described very quickly. If only they sold USB 3 bootable flash drives I'd buy just about one they have in stock.
Written by: Joachim S.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: dhm
If you have "unlimited" internet with Comcast or AT&T they just changed the definition. Maybe you didn't notice the clause that the contract could be changed without notice. It will be 300 MB a month and $10 for 50 MB over that. Since Brighthouse has not advertised differently they will be next. At that rate a download of Linux will be an $800 on your credit card. OSDisc solves the problem. Thank you.
Written by: Joseph Y.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
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