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Customer Reviews
Excellent. OSDisc stays abreast of developments in the Linux field and stocks everything that is current. Their discs are high quality, their shipping is quick, and their prices are hard to beat.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews -- LewisM

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Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews we've received from our customers. Write your own review and let everyone know what you think about OSDisc.com!

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Written by: M.Miczyk
Fast delivery to Europe, brilliant easy service, good communication.Much easier than downloading on satellite internet.Thanks!
Niceeeee.. on time and good.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Ronald S
Shipping was fast, cost was very reasonable. Now for the bad, a few of the items would not load. presenting a purplish screen and some unworkable icon on the lower right hand of screen. Overall I am pleased but would like new os systems to at least load.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Raleigh S
OSDisc is quick and responsive and works well within the Google Wallet system. I like OSDisc for its software offerings and the DVD format I require.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Raleigh S
The merchant was responsive to my concerns and made efforts to address them in a redesign of its website. It was easy to purchase with Google Wallet. The merchant offered the Linux software in affordable packages and I found it easy to shop there. The only hard part is remembering to click the Google Checkout button instead of continuing to the merchant checkout.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Georg C
I love OSDisk! I did have One not so good experience, but probably was due to my own drinking too much Vodka, and wound up ordering 64-bit things when I wanted 32- bit at the time; and to tell you the truth, I was all screwed up to begin with! No, these guys Rock! Nothing better or like them on Earth! And if I may pray to Google, Google, please make sure these guys stay around for a long long time! I would give my regenerative organs to see OSDisk keep on keeping on. They are unparalleled. And I would send you my Nutts if it were not for my Mom's carpet is the wrong color, and stains badly. If God was still alive, He would buy from OSDisk!

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Jonathan S
Quick shipping and good communication

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: dave_nv
Great selection.
Low prices.
Delivered within 3-5 days as OSDisc promised.
All discs were in perfect condition.
(no bad sectors or shipping damage).

To quote the Terminator - "I'll be back..."
Written by: Larry H.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Kristoffer S

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: donald
Will buy from again. Only problem is when I called the phone number to talk to customer service to check my order, the number answers music plays then disconnect. Over and over, they did respond to my email and the product works just fine.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Catsmiles
The really amazing thing is thatyou continue doing a great job and not implementing any changes just for change sake.Purchased discs from you for years now and will continue to do so.
Written by: Blu E

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Raleigh S
I like OSDisc.com because it was quick to acknowledge my order and quick to ship within a few days time. My order arrived complete and in good condition. I also like that this company issued a tracking number for the shipment which was active and documented acceptance by the US Postal Service after midnight but within a few hours of my receiving the tracking number. I have high confidence in this merchant due to its due diligence and attention to my order. I also may continue to use this merchant because I like its software selections and prices.

Source: Google Checkout Reviews
Written by: Joe
There is another version of Ubuntn nam ed UE for Untimate Edition 3.2 I think you should search and reproduce it, I think it is better that the last version of Unbuntu 4.10

Beregards Joe
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