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Customer Reviews
I have bought Linux discs a number of times over the last few years, from OSDisc.com and others. I keep coming back to OSDisc.com because of their great service and selection. The quality of the discs is also much better I've noticed... -- GW

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Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews we've received from our customers. Write your own review and let everyone know what you think about OSDisc.com!

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Written by: Ali Z.
I am delighted to inform you that all of my three orders of Linux disks have arrived and I have them all installed and tested, they are proven perfect. Thank you and It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Written by: Shivam Tak
Well, You people are really great, when I ordered my first dvds that were ubuntu, and ubuntu studio I was in doubt weather it is real site or not but when I read the customer reviews I was a bit relaxed but now I know you are really great, my order was shipped and arrived in just 7 days and previously I ordered from *** and others and they arrived in not less than 15 days, but Finally I have found my dream store and I'll always purchase here. thank you very much
Written by: Siraj S.
Excellent service, much impressed by the express service and the quality of dvd and cd, planning to buy some more. once again thank u very much, keep it up.
Written by: Tom N
I ordered 1 Install /Live CD. I received an email confirmation immediately. I received another email to tell me that the order is shipped. The CD arrived in my mail box very quickly. I was able to boot up my laptop and everything works flawlessly including wireless network. I am totally satisfied and will definitely order from OSDISC.COM again
Written by: Chris
I was very impressed with this website, I admit that I had my doubts about it because I have been screwed over in the past but this site turned out to be Excellent. I didn't expect my CD to arrive this fast. Keep up the great service
Written by: Douglas B.
Thank you for your prompt service, far better than some companies I have dealt with!
Written by: Gary Maxwell
OSDisc is, by far, one of the best--if not the best--places to get quality Linux CDs.

In fact, I regard their CDs as being on par with "official" CDs that come from the distributor. The quality, printing, packaging, and attention to detail is excellent.

I've never had a CD fail or have read errors. And when I order, I am notified by email throughout the entire order process--from initial receipt of order to the moment it ships. I know where we are in the order process and when I can reasonably expect my shipment.

Now, I can easily download and burn my own CDs seeing that I have a broadband connection to the 'net, and I do, but I always buy a set of OSDisc CDs to make my collection "official".

If you order Linux CDs online, you need to be placing your order here. Fast, efficient, friendly, and professional.

What more can you ask for? Highly recommended!
Written by: ahmed anouar
i just got the CDS from you guys and it was the first time i get i good quality and a good service thank you so much
Written by: vic
Hi, I received my copy of DreamLinux today in about only one day from ordering! That's what I call fast good service. The amount of equipment these programs have is amazing and at the best rock bottom prices. I'm loading and trying this out soon today and thanks very much for all your help.
Written by: Andrew E.
Wow! Thanks very much. You really mean business, better than the services I've got from Amazon and others so far.
Written by: IT Thaumaturgist
You are much more than 5 stars. You are Thaumaturgist material. To be a Thaumaturgist requires total dedication. I also have a feeling that like most, you do not know what a "Thaumaturgist" is. Google it or look in a dictionary.

I am from Portland, OR and was first exposed to Linux by the Master himself, Linus Torvalds. I really liked Linux but it was very difficult as most of it was command line input. OSDisc has taken all that confusion out of Linux.

Downloading any of the many flavors of Linux takes time, is frustrating when the download get broken and then trying to figure out how to make it work. Your LIVE CD's and DVD's are what will bring more people to the Linux OS instead of going to that bloated, expensive, proprietary OS Windows.

Your OSDisc Live is $1.95 and shipping $4.95 = $6.90. I got the disks in 2 days. I was flabbergasted, not only with the price but how professional the disks are. All you need to do is put in the disk and follow the screens. Total installation (ready to use) is less than 15 minutes. I don’t know about others but; I like “Simple!”


Written by: dhammafarer
was very impressed by the quality of CDs & DVDs, service & speed of delivery - 5 days from order to delivery to Singapore. would certainly come back regularly for new or updated titles.
Written by: Gilbert R.
Man, you people REALLY know how to take care of your customers! I have been buying diverse products online for about the last 6 or 7 years and unfortunately, a very high percentage of the companies I have dealt with gave me poor to fair service at best. Your company's service is so good, I can only think of ONE other company in all that time that gave me service as EXCELLENT as yours. For all you "doubting Thomas'" (and Thomasina's) let me give a recap on my order.

1) Placed my order on Monday around 10:30 AM EST.
2) Received confirmation of my order around 12:30 PM EST the SAME DAY!
3) Received confirmation my order was shipped 2:30 PM EST the NEXT DAY!
4) Received my order in pristine condition on Thursday afternoon around 1 PM EST in only TWO DAYS after it was shipped!

Let me be succinct, this is quite simply very professional and very good service. This was my first order with this company, but it is most certainly NOT going to be the last! Thanks very much for such good service.
Written by: Paul V
The discs that I ordered came fast to the point the I was caught off guard when they arrived. Great job overall. am placing another order today
Written by: Harry
Just a note to thank you for the quick, friendly response. Your sales and support are second to none. And I've ordered enough from the internet to know the difference.

I've placed three orders with you so far, and you haven't let me down yet. You back up what you say. You guys are just astonishing.

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