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Customer Reviews
Have ordered from you for several years now and have always received top service and quality. -- Frank

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Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews we've received from our customers. Write your own review and let everyone know what you think about OSDisc.com!

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Written by: Beth
I have ordered many operating systems from OSDisc for several years and did so again recently and always the products and service/shipping are excellent as is the price. The quality of their discs is excellent. I have downloaded operating systems off the internet and it ties up the computer for quite a while and worse, I never seem to get the same high quality I get with OSDisc. I've used the OSDIscs on just about every make and model of buggered up computer and laptop that's out there and never had a problem. They work like new. Ordering from OSDisc is a snap and delivery is very fast, just a few days actually. Thank you OSDisc for everything you do so well.
Written by: Anonymous
I was a PC-BSD user of 10.2 recently, but when I upgraded to 10.3, I completely lost the desktop. I was unable to go back, so end result was me losing everything I had there. I was unable to get a TrueOS DVD anywhere, until I found OSDisc. I put in an order for True OS, and once it was in, I went ahead and installed it new, and now have a perfectly good functioning environment
Written by: LinuxMan
Ordered 4 different 64 bit distros on the 19th of this month, shipped out on the 21st and got them today! I can't wait to order more linux distros and do more business in the future!
Written by: Anonymous
Manjaro is really woderfull.People wish to buy and use it.
Written by: gdh-sk-ca
This coed be great if it used real English (oxford dictionary) and not YaUnkee pretense of REAL language!!!!!
Written by: Robert
I live in a rural village in western Alaska where everything is flown in, because we have no roads. I am extremely satisfied by the service given by your company. From order date to receiving my disks took less then a week. In fact, from shipping date to receiving the disks took only four days. Thank you very, very much. By the way I live in a small village of Chevak, Alaska.
Written by: truck
you may laugh BUT I have a 32 bit CD 6 CD Set for Linux 4.0 Been there done that... I out of here like a fat kid playing dodge ball Later Vader....
Written by: trent
delivery was fast & the disc was excellent thanks
Written by: KiethMeister
I am grateful for this site. Very satisfied with service. Hope to be doing LOTS of business--interested in affiliation possibilities.
Written by: Chris C.
Received my Debian install disks (USB & DVD). Thanks so much!! Great deal. Will be back soon :)
Written by: Royalway
I received Linux Rosa disc very quickly and in excellent condition. After a slight upgrade to replace video driver board (my desktop is old), the install went seamlessly. Great service. Very easy to use website. Thank you OSDisc.
Written by: left-empty
Had a great experience. Received a very fast response from customer support regarding questions I had. Discs arrived on time and in great shape. Quality labeling on the discs, not just a printed sticker. Over all very pleased with my purchase, and the service provided. Thanks OSDisc!
Written by: Wattz
I've just started using Linux and found it better then window and the added packages is why I converted and I'll be using this system from now on and I can't fault there fast delivery.
Written by: nelson
I have ordered from OSDisc before and I will again. I like the way this works,, no fuss, no bother with discs. I have a question ,, on the descriptions of some operating systems, some are listed as persistent or non persistent. What does -- persistent -- mean as it applies to OSDisc merchandise ? nelson202tx@yahoo.com
Written by: drbcpg
I have been buying CD's and Thumb Drives with Linux on them for many years. Never had a problem. The price is right and I do not have to take the time to down load a release or a new distro to try.
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