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TrueOS Desktop 18.03 - Install DVD (64-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 DVD
Platform: 64-bit (x86-64, amd64)
Media Type: Install
Categories: Desktop Rank: #20
Date Added to April 1, 2018
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Product Description

TrueOS® (formerly known as PC-BSD) began in 2005 when Kris Moore presented the first beta version of a FreeBSD operating system pre-configured for desktop use. Since then, TrueOS® has matured into a polished, feature-rich, free-of-charge, open source operating system that meets the desktop or server needs of the beginner to the advanced user alike.

TrueOS® is essentially a customized installation of FreeBSD, not a forked derivative. Since the underlying FreeBSD system has been kept intact, you have a fully functional FreeBSD system under the hood. TrueOS® provides an easy-to-use installer which can be used to install a desktop or a server version of FreeBSD. Other differences from FreeBSD include:

  • TrueOS® pre-configures the BSD-licensed, Lumina desktop environment during a desktop installation. Additional desktop environments can be installed and will appear in the login menu, allowing the user to select which environment to log into.
  • The TrueOS® installer supports configuring ZFS and encryption during installation.
  • TrueOS® provides both a graphical and command line software management system.
  • TrueOS® provides many graphical utilities for configuring and managing the system. These utilities have both a command line equivalent and a REST and WebSocket API so that they can also be used to manage multiple systems.
  • TrueOS® comes pre-configured with a number of automatic scripts to perform tasks such as connecting digital cameras or USB memory sticks.
  • The TrueOS® boot menu supports boot environments, or snapshots of the operating system, and the TrueOS® Update Manager automatically adds a new boot environment to the boot menu before updating the operating system or software. This means that if an update fails, you can reboot into the previous version of the operating system, before the update occurred.

While it began as an independent project, since October 2006 TrueOS® is financially backed and supported by the enterprise-class hardware solutions provider iXsystems.

Goals and Features

TrueOS® provides the following features:

  • Easy installation: to install either a graphical desktop or command-line server, simply insert the installation media, reboot the system to start the installer, and answer a few questions in the installation menus.
  • Automatically configured hardware: video, sound, network, and other devices are configured automatically during installation.
  • Intuitive desktop interface: TrueOS® installs the Lumina desktop and additional desktop environments can be installed to support your day-to-day computing needs.
  • Easy software management: with AppCafe®, installing, upgrading, and uninstalling software is safe and easy.
  • Lots of software available: AppCafe® can be used to install software that has been ported to FreeBSD (currently over 26,100 applications).
  • Easy to update: TrueOS® provides a built-in Update Manager that provides notifications of available updates. This utility makes it easy to apply operating system security fixes, bug fixes, and system enhancements as well as upgrade to newer versions of the operating system or installed software.
  • Virus-free: TrueOS® is not affected by viruses, spyware, or other malware.
  • No defragmentation: TrueOS® hard drives do not need to be defragmented and are formatted with OpenZFS which is a self-healing filesystem.
  • Laptop support: provides power saving, swap space encryption, and automatic switching between wired and wifi network connections.
  • Secure environment: TrueOS® provides a pre-configured firewall and a built-in host-based Intrusion Detection System.
  • Easy system administration: TrueOS® provides many graphical tools for performing system administration tasks.
  • Localization: TrueOS® supports a number of native languages and locales.
  • Vibrant community: TrueOS® has a friendly and helpful community.