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Nitrux 1.1.7 - Install/Live DVD (64-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 DVD
Platform: 64-bit (x86-64, amd64)
Media Type: Install, Live
Categories: Desktop
Desktop Environment: KDE
Package Management: DEB Rank: #81
Date Added to June 1, 2019
Project Website:
Item ID: O48OC4CA3N
Product Description

Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu suitable for laptops and desktop computers. Nitrux provides all the benefits of the Ubuntu operating system combined with a focus on portable, distributable application formats like AppImages. Nitrux uses the development branch of Ubuntu as a basis using only the core system and then slowly building up to ensure a clean user experience. Nitrux is suitable for newcomers to Linux as well as *nix experienced users. Nitrux uses KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications, we also use our in-house software suite Nomad Desktop adding to the user experience.

Everything you need to get started

Nitrux is a complete Operating System that ships the essential apps and services for the daily use: office applications, PDF reader, image editor,
music and video players, etc. Nitrux ships with select KDE Applications by default along our own custom applications. KDE Applications are a set
of applications and supporting libraries that are designed for KDE Plasma 5. We also include non-KDE or Qt applications like Chromium and ONLYOFFICE
that together create a friendly user experience.

Nitrux includes a selection of applications carefully picked to perform the best when using your computer:

  • Dolphin, file manager.
  • Kate, advanced text editor.
  • Ark, archiving tool.
  • Konsole, terminal emulator.
  • Chromium, web browser.
  • Babe, music player.
  • VLC, multimedia player.
  • ONLYOFFICE, collaborative office suite.

Explore a universe of apps in Nitrux

The NX Software Center  is a free application that provides Linux users with a modern and easy way to manage the software installed on their open
source operating systems. It has been specifically engineered to run on top of the Qt desktop environments. It is your new one stop shop for all
things app related. Designed from the ground up to be easily handled by users as well as easily integrated by distributions. Its features allows
you to search, install and manage and AppImages. AppImages are faster to install, easier to create and safer to run.
AppImages aim to work on any distribution or device, from IoT devices to servers, desktops to mobile devices.

The NX Software Center is all about new app delivery technologies and it’s focus is to empower the user to browse, test, install apps and update
their installation without fear of disastrous results. Installing an application is easy! When you’ve found the application that you want, simply click
the “Install” button in the and it will begin to download and install. With this software you will be able to view installed applications, remove
them, view available updates for installed applications, find and install new apps.

Securing your desktop and workstation

Nomad Firewall is a firewall tool for Linux uses the Qt toolkit. You can use the wizard to create a basic firewall, then streamline it further using the dynamic rules. You can open and close ports with a few clicks, or monitor your services giving access only to a select few. Nomad Firewall is an open source application that provides users with a graphical user interface (GUI) for the ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall)/iptables command-line interface, which lets users to manage Linux kernel’s packet filtering system.

Key features include the ability to use profiles, quickly enable or disable the firewall, easily set incoming and outgoing rules, view which applications are listening on which ports, as well as to effortlessly add or remove rules. With a single click of a button, users will be able to enable or disable the firewall as well as to set incoming and outgoing rules (Allow, Deny, Reject). It is also possible to easily create a rules as well as to add simple or advanced firewall rules, where you can set default policy, category, subcategory and application.

Under the hood the software is written entirely in the C++ programming language. However, its graphical user interface is written using the QML GUI toolkit. It is available as a KCM for the Plasma 5 desktop environment.