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Contents: 1 DVD
Bit Version: 64-bit
Media Type: Install, Live
Categories: Beginners, Desktop Project Rank: #51
Date Added to November 28, 2015
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Product Description

Netrunner focuses desktop computing featuring a highly customized desktop with extra applications, multimedia codecs, Flash and Java plugins, and a unique look and feel; modifications enhance the user-friendliness of the desktop environment while still preserving the freedom to tweak. Netrunner is an ongoing community-centered team effort based on the FOSS principles.

What’s new in Netrunner 17?

Netrunner 17 ‘s codename is chosen as an indication of a mature Plasma finally emerging at the horizon with another update of KDE Plasma, Frameworks and Applications.

The desktop is now at Plasma 5.4.3 together with KDE Applications 15.08.2 and many more programs and libraries updated to their latest versions.

Firefox with built-in Plasma support ships as 42.0.3.

The “Desktop Configuration” settings now features two Look’n’Feel Themes called BlackX and BlueX, which makes switching between completely different styles much easier now, while still allowing for customization in full detail.

Netrunner 17 also ships a completely fresh set of wallpapers covering a wide range of different colors and styles.

Versioning Updates

Several programs have been updated to their latest versions, here is an excerpt:

  • Linux Kernel 4.2.0~18
  • Plasma 5.4.3
  • Frameworks 5.15
  • KDE Applications 15.08.2
  • LibreOffice 5
  • Virtualbox 5
  • Kontact 5
  • Firefox 42.0
  • Thunderbird 38.3
  • Gmusicbrowser 1.15.2
  • VLC 2.2.1
  • and many more…
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