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Mythbuntu 14.04.5 LTS

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Product Details
Contents: 1 USB Flash Drive
Bit Version: 32-bit
Media Type: Install, Live
Categories: Multimedia Rank: #146
Date Added to August 6, 2016
Project Website:
Drive Manufacturer: Kingston Technology
Drive Model: DataTraveler SE9 G2
Persistence: No
Drive Interface: USB 3.0/2.0
Drive Speed: 100MB/sec read; 15MB/sec write
Drive Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty
Dimensions: 1.77" x 0.48" x 0.18" (45.00mm x 12.2mm x 4.6mm)
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Storage Temperature: -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)

Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative focused on setting up a standalone MythTV system similar to Knoppmyth. Currently, it is recognized as a community supported project by Canonical Limited. Mythbuntu can be used to install a standalone frontend, backend, or combination machines. Unlike similar projects, Mythbuntu keeps close ties with Ubuntu and all development is given back to the Ubuntu Community. This allows easy conversions from a standard desktop to a Mythbuntu machine and vice versa. The development cycle of Mythbuntu closely follows that of Ubuntu, releasing every six months shortly after Ubuntu releases.


Mythbuntu uses the XFCE4 desktop. All unnecessary applications such as OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full GNOME desktop are not in a Mythbuntu installation by default. At any time, users may choose to add a fully functional GNOME or KDE desktop to their installation.

Mythbuntu Control Center

The entire system can be configured through a graphical user interface. You can also install different desktops such as GNOME and KDE. Install Plugins, configure MySQL, set passwords, install proprietary drivers, proprietary codecs, setup remote controls, and a range of other useful applications from one convenient program.

Live Frontend

A Mythbuntu CD can also be used as a live frontend. This is great if you want to turn a laptop or desktop into a quick frontend or quickly test hardware compatibility. The live frontend provides a GUI to mount network shares, configure a remote, hostname, location of your master backend and a place to save settings. All settings can be saved directly back to a flash drive for easy portability.

Note: At a minimum, a TV tuner card that is supported in Linux is required to receive TV broadcasts.