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MorpheusArch 2018.4 - Live DVD (64-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 DVD
Platform: 64-bit (x86-64, amd64)
Media Type: Live
Categories: Rescue, System Utilities Rank: #74
Date Added to October 28, 2018
Item ID: H7U77CIBW6
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Product Description

MorpheusArch Linux is a data recovery Linux distribution. It comes with testdisk, photorec, ddrescue and other data recovery tools pre-install and ready to be used for data recovery.

This live DVD of MorpheusArch Linux is intended to be used for data-recovery only and not meant to be used by people as their primary operating system.

Built on top of Arch Linux

MorpheusArch Linux is derived from Arch Linux and comes with the 4.8.13-1 Linux Kernel which was released 9th January 2017 that allows users to have cutting edge data recovery software.

MorpheusArch Linux can recover over 400+ file formats

MorpheusArch Linux can also be considered a DFTT (Digital Forensics Tool Testing Image) due to its ISO9660 compliance.

Open source virus protection

Made for MorpheusArch Linux with cross linux distribution supprt. The script uses ClamAV, the industry standard for mail gateway scanning through its mutli threaded scanner.

Less than 130 packages

With less than 130 packages installed on MorpheusArch Linux, it's able to deliver a lightweight data recovery distribution that can be used on a 1GB USB flash drive.