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Porteus 4.0 Cinnamon - Install/Live CD (32-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 CD
Platform: 32-bit (x86)
Media Type: Install, Live
Categories: Desktop
Desktop Environment: Cinnamon
Package Management: XZ Rank: #63
Date Added to May 5, 2018
Project Website:
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Product Description

Porteus is a small (under 300MB) portable linux distribution based on Slackware linux and a heavily modified version of the linux-live scripts. It is modular in design, meaning programs (or collections of programs) can be installed and removed simply by double clicking on module files. Unlike other Linux distributions that have a 'live CD' option, or can be shoehorned onto a flash drive, Porteus is designed and optimized to run from a USB flash drive, flash card or CD. It can also be installed in it's compressed form to an external or internal hard disk (AKA a 'frugal' install). With it's small footprint, modest system requirements, wifi support and modern kernel, Porteus is also ideally suited to run on netbooks.

Porteus features:

  • Lightning-fast boot time
  • Can be run from USB Flash drives, CDROM's, DVDROM's, hard disks, flash card devices, or just about any device you can get your PC to boot from!
  • LZMA2 (xz) compression for modules
  • Changes to the system (customization, downloaded files, browser history and favorites, etc) can be saved persistently to your USB or hard drive, or you can boot into 'Always Fresh' mode, and no changes to your system will be saved anywhere
  • Support for dozens of languages
  • A dependency-resolving package manager written just for Porteus, with built-in access to the Porteus, Slackware, Slacky,, and Fidoslax repositories.
  • Porteus-specific scripts for creating and manipulating modules, network configuration (wifi included), language selection, and much more
  • Updated installers for linux and windows
  • New "Porteus Settings Centre" tool to help users manage '.dat' file containers, set up wifi, new passwords, etc.