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Linux Kodachi 6.1 - 16GB USB Flash Drive (64-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 USB Flash Drive
Platform: 64-bit (x86-64, amd64)
Media Type: Live
Categories: Security
Desktop Environment: Xfce
Package Management: DEB Rank: #26
Date Added to June 27, 2019
Persistence: No
Capacity: 16GB
Drive Model: Kingston DataTraveler SE9 (USB 2.0)
Transfer Speed: 15MB/s read; 5MB/s write
Drive Features: Unique and Sophisticated Metallic Design
Dimensions: 1.54" x 0.48" x 0.18" (39.0mm x 12.4mm x 4.6mm)
Warranty: 5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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Product Description

Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Debian it will provide you with a secure, anti forensic, and anonymous operating system considering all features that a person who is concerned about privacy would need to have in order to be secure.

Kodachi is very easy to use all you have to do is boot it up on your pc via USB drive then you should have a fully runnning operating system with established vpn connection + Tor Connection established + DNScrypt service running. No setup or linux knowledge is required from your side we do it all for you. The entire OS is functional from your temporary memory RAM so once you shut it down no trace is left behind all your activities are wiped out.


Onion Circuits/Onion share
Random Mac Generator
RAM Wiping
Built in Tor Browser
Free Built-In VPN Ready to go!
Multi Tor exit node changer
Multi DNS options
Exodus multi currency wallet
Peer Guardian
Panic Room/Wipe Ram/Wipe Free Space/Kill OS!
Htop/Rdesktop/Gksu/Ncdu/Xtrlock/Nmap/Pcmanfm/Cairo-dock/Geoip-bin/Sysv-rc-conf/Disper/Smbclient/Syslinux-utils/Fcitx/Ibus/Pidgin-Otr/ Coyim/Ring
System and Security Info on Desktop