Frugalware 2.1 Basic

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Product Details
Contents: 1 DVD
Bit Version: 64-bit
Media Type: Install
Categories: Desktop Project Rank: #52
Date Added to September 6, 2016
Product Description

Frugalware is a general purpose Linux distribution, designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode). Some of its elements were borrowed from Slackware Linux and Arch Linux. Frugalware 2.1 features:

  • Linux kernel 4.7.2
  • Xorg server 1.18.4
  • Mesa 12.0.1
  • KDE (Plasma) 5.7.3
  • GNOME 3.20.2
  • LibreOffice
  • Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2
  • Chromium browser 52.0.2743.116
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