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Fedora 30 KDE Plasma Desktop - 16GB USB Flash Drive (64-bit)

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Product Details
Contents: 1 USB Flash Drive
Platform: 64-bit (x86-64, amd64)
Media Type: Install, Live
Categories: Desktop
Desktop Environment: KDE
Package Management: RPM Rank: #6
Date Added to May 4, 2019
Persistence: No
Capacity: 16GB
Drive Model: Kingston DataTraveler SE9 (USB 2.0)
Transfer Speed: 15MB/s read; 5MB/s write
Drive Features: Unique and Sophisticated Metallic Design
Dimensions: 1.54" x 0.48" x 0.18" (39.0mm x 12.4mm x 4.6mm)
Warranty: 5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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Product Description

The Fedora Project is a Red Hat sponsored and community-supported open source project. It is also a proving ground for new technology that may eventually make its way into Red Hat products. It is not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc.

The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software. Development will be done in a public forum. The Red Hat engineering team will continue to participate in the building of Fedora and will invite and encourage more outside participation than was possible in Red Hat Linux. By using this more open process, The Fedora Linux project hopes to provide an operating system that uses free software development practices and is more appealing to the open source community.

It's your desktop. Be Free.

The Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop Edition is a powerful Fedora-based operating system utilizing the KDE Plasma Desktop as the main user interface.

Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop comes with many pre-selected top quality applications that suit all modern desktop use cases - from online communication like web browsing, instant messaging and electronic mail correspondence, through multimedia and entertainment, to an advanced productivity suite, including office applications and enterprise grade personal information management.

All KDE applications are well integrated, with a similar look and feel and an easy to use interface, accompanied by an outstanding graphical appearance.

Going Online

Network Manager - Just a click and you're connected to your wireless LAN router, or online via many supported 3G mobile broadband cards.

Konqueror - Explore the World Wide Web with Konqueror, the full featured KDE web browser.

Telepathy - Stay connected with your friends and colleagues using Telepathy Instant Messaging client. It supports all common IM protocols.

KTorrent & KGet - Are you a downloader? Use KTorrent or KGet to get new versions of Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop Edition!

Office & Productivity Suite

Calligra - Calligra is an integrated office suite built on KDE Platform. It utilizes free and open standards like OpenDocument for its document formats and components.

Kontact - Kontact is the integrated personal information manager of KDE Plasma Desktop. The Kontact suite unites mature and proven KDE PIM applications under one easy to use application.


Amarok - Amarok supports playlists, including dynamically generated ones, with cover art, lyrics and even info on the current track or band. Amarok also has integration with and other music services.

Dragon Player - Dragon Player is a multimedia player where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features. Its simple interface is designed not to get in your way and instead empower you to simply play multimedia files.

K3B - K3B allows you to easily back up your multimedia files as it's a full featured CD/DVD writing software. K3B supports writing data CDs/DVDs, audio CDs, video CDs, DVDs, copying, CD ripping and more.


Marble - Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas in your computer. You can learn a lot about Earth or you can just enjoy virtual trips around our planet.

Parley - Parley is a vocabulary trainer that helps you memorize things via virtual flashcards. It provides a rich set of tools to manage your card sets.

Kiten - Kiten is a Japanese dictionary application as well as a Japanese language reference. It includes a kanji lookup tool and browsing interface.

Kalzium - Kalzium allows you to explore the periodic table of elements. It has a 3D molecule editor plus multiple simulators and calculators.

Utilities & Configuration

Konsole - Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop ships a terminal, the gateway to the real power of any Unix/linux machine, called Konsole.

System Settings - No need to know cryptic commands and config files. Click the options you like to change and choose the settings that make you happy.