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Fatdog64 702

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Contents: 1 CD
Bit Version: 64-bit
Media Type: Live
Categories: Desktop Rank: #208
Date Added to April 30, 2016
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Fatdog is an all 64bit version of Linux built from source packages and using Puppy Linux scripts and structure. Fatdog is quite 'fat' compaired to Puppy, the complete Xorg is included along with other extras that make it larger than Puppy. Other differences include Firefox, Xine-ui, Sylpheed, and Pidgen running as a non-priviliged user (spot), automatic Xorg configuration, default localization (see the setup wizards to make adjustments). You'll find CUPS in your browser's bookmarks if you want to add a printer. Do not use Puppy pet packages in Fatdog, Puppy's 32bit packages won't work.

The goal for Fatdog is to have web applications run as a non-privileged user. Not in the traditional sense where you log in as a non-privileged user and all of your personnel files are accessible by that user as well. But we log in as root for convenience and in recognition that your personal files are just as important as system files, in fact much more important. Applications that access the internet, Firefox, Xine, Sylpheed, and Pidgin all run as user spot. Spot can only write to a few limited places.