Frenzy 1.3

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Product Details
Contents: 1 CD
Bit Version: 32-bit
Media Type: Live
Categories: System Utilities Project Rank: #57
Date Added to August 4, 2010
Project Website:
Product Description
Frenzy 1.3 is a system administrator's portable instrument, a live CD based on FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE, which allows the administrator to boot from it and get a fully functional system with a wide variety of software for tuning, testing and analyzing the network, testing computer hardware, and much more.

  • C and nasm compilers, Perl and Python interpreters
  • File managers, archievers
  • Text editors, viewers and file converters
  • Web browsers, mail and news clients, ICQ, IRC, Jabber-clients
  • Network utilities (LAN, modem, Bluetooth, dial-up, VPN, Wireless)
  • Traffic monitoring utilities
  • Proxies and redirects
  • Network access (telnet, ssh, RDP, VNC)
  • Samba server and clients
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL clients
  • DNS, LDAP, SNMP, DHCP, ICMP, ARP, IP-packets utilities
  • Subnets determining software
  • Network scanners, ports and service scanners
  • Security scanners, sniffers and hack detection utilities
  • Clamav antivirus, rootkits detection utilities
  • Passwords and cryptography utilities
  • Hardware information and tuning software
  • Hard disks and partitions managing software
  • Different filesystem utilities
  • File repair utilities
  • Computer and network speed testing software
  • Files and logfiles utilities
  • Memory and processes management software
  • CD Writing tools
  • Graphic files viewer (gqview), screenshot making tool
  • mp3/ogg players

The system includes Frenzy documentation and the official FreeBSD documentation. Frenzy can be installed on a hard drive as a fully functional operating system. USB Flash install is also supported.

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